RPF-INKOTANYI is represented by a flag of three coloured columns in the following sequence: red, white, and sky-blue.

There is an inscription of a single letter in black on each column arranged in the following sequence:

F in the red column, P in the white, and R in the blue. The red represents the sacrifice made by Rwandan heroes who gave their blood for their country. The white stands for democracy and blue for unity.

The RPF-INKOTANYI emblem is a symbol with the following figures:
A lake with clear water;
Green hills;
The rising sun;
Two intersecting bamboos;
A Lion;

These figures are surrounded by the colours of the RPF-INKOTANYI flag and a yellow band with the inscription of the goals of the RPF-INKOTANYI. The lake and green hills represent the beauty of Rwanda. The lion represents Rwanda’s sovereignty. The two intersecting bamboos represent the sacrifice and unity of the patriots. The rising sun represents the new principles the RPF-INKOTANYI will use to govern the country, and the light from the sun illuminates the Rwandan people towards these principles. The yellow band represents the deep hope Rwandans hold for the future.

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