Cuban envoy, RPF Secretary General, discuss cooperation

The Cuban ambassador accredited to Rwanda, Antonio Luis Pubillones Izaguirre, on Wednesday, paid a courtesy call to the Secretary General of RPF Inkotanyi, Francois Ngarambe.

In the meeting that took place at the RPF headquarters in Rusororo, the Cuban envoy rooted for cooperation between the RPF Inkotanyi and the ruling Communist Party of Cuba.

According to a statement from the RPF secretariat, Ambassador Izaguirre expressed the wish for the two parties to deepen their ties through exchange visits to both countries by cadres of both political organisations.

In his remarks, the S.G saluted the resilience of the Cuban people and the choices they continue to make to build their country.

The envoy conveyed the congratulations of the Cuban people to the RPF Chairman President Paul Kagame on his recent election landslide victory.

The envoy commended the post-Genocide recovery registered in Rwanda, saying that this underpins the popularity the RPF Inkotanyi enjoys amongst the people of Rwanda.


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