RPF youth league vow to tackle drugs, poor hygiene

The Secretary General of RPF Inkotanyi, Francois Ngarambe has called upon the youth, especially those that are members of the party to work with dedication and focus as they strive for the development of the country.

The SG was addressing over 1,500 youths who gathered on Sunday at the RPF headquarters in Rusororo, Gasabo District, for RPF Inkotanyi Congress for the Youth League, which was organized as part of the celebrations to mark the 30th anniversary of RPF Inkotanyi.

Reflecting on the youth who, over two decades ago, put their lives on the line to join the struggle to liberate the country, Ngarambe said that the only thing their colleagues today can do to honour their compatriots, many of whom died in the liberation struggle, is to work towards a prosperous country.

“There was so much sacrifice by those youth of the 90s during the liberation struggle. People left school to join a struggle well knowing the implications - including paying the ultimate price which many did,” said Ngarambe.

He added: “The only way we can honour these courageous youth that liberated our country is to undertake whatever we do with dedication, avoid any distractions.”

Those distractions, he named drug abuse as the most serious vice that is of concern to the young generation, urging the youth to take it upon themselves and not only ensure they are free of these drugs but also fight anyone who abuses them in their communities.

He also urged them to fight other vices like malnutrition, poor hygiene, gender based violence and the Genocide ideology among others.

These were letter included in the commitments made by the youth in their resolutions following the meeting, resolutions that they all vowed to implement to the letter.

During the congress, panelists discussed several ways in which the youth of today can contribute to national building, especially basing on the gains made thus far.

Kabarebe, who was also part of the liberation struggle, said that the main challenge faced by the youth today is generational.

“What is the role of the youth in a post-Genocide Rwanda? Another major challenge is being able to step in the shoes of the RPF Chairman, President Paul Kagame?” he posed.

He however added that he was confident today’s youth were mobilized and energized enough to overcome such challenges.

“The most important tool for the youth to overcome today's challenges is a good ideological orientation, which you have,” he said.

Alain Ndagijimana, a young entrepreneur who has an IT firm and who appeared on the same panel as Minister Kabarebe said that the youth today have not excuse not to realize their potential because a way had been paved for them.

The congress was attended by representatives of the youth leagues of ruling parties across Africa including; Djibouti, Congo Brazzaville, Angola and Ethiopia and representatives from other political organisations operating in the country.



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