Chairman launches KivuWatt methane gas plant in Karongi

The RPF Chairman has expressed optimism that the country’s energy needs will soon be met, owing to the increasing energy on the national grid.

He said this as he inaugurated the KivuWatt methane gas project on the shores of Lake Kivu in Karongi District, which adds to the national grid over 26 megawatts.

“I couldn’t be any happier for what we have witnessed and to join you here today for the launch of KivuWatt Methan Gas Power Plant. KivuWatt is an example of what Rwanda stands for; we keep trying until we succeed. What is important for me is not these plants or their location, but the electricity that is coming from them.

He called upon neighbours DR Congo which shares Kivu with Rwanda to join the initiative to exploit the gas resource for the betterment of the people of both countries.

“A great deal of scientific research and technological innovation was required, even more than was realised at the outset. Many of you thought it was an impossible dream,” he said.

The high rewards, that we anticipated, were matched by high risks. But we have persevered, and today, with the 25MW being generated by this facility, we see that the technology is indeed viable, he added.

The Chairman emphasised on the fact that not only does the 1 Phase of the plant hold great promise for the country’s energy sector, but it also opens new possibilities for the citizens of the whole region.

“There is a still a long way to go. The lessons learned in building this facility should serve us well, and attract new investment, to the sector.” KivuWatt is the only gas/water extraction energy plant operating in the world. Phase 1 was completed in October 2015, and fully commissioned in Dec 2015.

In accordance with the government of Rwanda concession and power purchase agreement, Rwanda Energy Group is the sole customer for KivuWatt’s electricity production, currently 26.2MW.

Phase 2 is currently under negotiation and would add 3 barges and 75MW of productions, according to KivuWatt.


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