Africa Liberation Day: the struggle continues

Rwanda for the first time on May 25 marked the African Liberation Day, an event that was organized by the Pan African Movement Rwanda Chapter.

During the event that was held at the University of Rwanda College of Business and Economics, a stand was made that despite the fact that colonialism was defeated in most African countries over five decades ago, Africans will never be free until they decolonized their minds to achieve total independence.

Protais Musoni, the chairman of the PAM Rwanda Chapter, said that Africans need to liberate themselves in their minds and stop to think that they are the weaker species of humanity.

Musoni, who is also a Commissioner in RPF Inkotanyi, said that it is sad that Africa, apart from the Middle East, remains with a big share of conflict, challenging young generation to show determination to liberate Africa and fulfill the aspirations of Africa’s forefathers.

“Africa was liberated by Pan Africanists but we must struggle to unite it,” he noted, adding that Africans must be rid of poverty and this can only be defeated through working collectively as a continent, through expanding their borders to trade.

Participants were urged to do away with outdated ideology such as thinking that Europeans are the only heroes or calling white someone who is punctual or smart, which demean Africans.

They committed to engage in Pan-Africanism to contribute to African Union’s 2063 agenda whose aspirations are integrated Africa, people-centered governance, caring for children, among others

Onesphore Bahati, a student of Kigali independent University (KIU), said that young people have a role to play in uniting Africa.

“We are young and our voice must be heard. As a student, I have a responsibility to convince my fellows that we are one as Africans and that we should be united to move Africa forward,” he said.

PAM Rwanda was established last year.


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