RFP members in Northern Province vow to sustain transformation journey

Members of the RPF-Inkotanyi in the Northern Province have pledged to maintain the momentum that lead in a bid to realize the country’s development aspirations by embracing patriotism and imparting it on the younger generation.


This is one of the ten resolutions that RPF members adopted during a one day cadre ship training that took place in Musanze on Sunday 25 March 2018, where they also shared different ideas.


The RPF chairman in the Northern Province, Jean Marie Vianney Gatabazi challenged the participants saying that there was much they have to do for the RPF Chairman President Paul Kagame to deliver on his manifesto.


Gatabazi, who is also the Provincial Governor, said that as leaders in their respective categories, he urged them to strive to offer good service to the people urging the every starts from here.


“If we make it a habit to put the citizens we lead first, the rest will be easy and our Chairman will deliver on his mandate with ease,” he said.


After lectures by different guests, participants agreed on extending cadreship programmes to other members of the party in order to explain to them the party’s ideology and sensitise the spirit of good work ethic that leads all people to the social welfare and the development that is aspired for.


In Musanze also, members of the RPF agreed on harnessing their work with the private sector and coordinate their strength with aim to come up with ideas that contribute to good change that help the Northern Province to go far in development.


Members of RPF-Inkotanyi also agreed on building on what Rwanda has so far achieved after the liberation of the country and always strive for inclusive development.


Closing the trainings, Gatabazi told participants to continuously share information and always coordinate for effective delivery of services.


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