Pick interest in politics, RPF young cadres urged

Young cadres of the Rwanda Patriotic Front have been challenged to pick interest in politics because they are the leaders of tomorrow and should not settle for the progress registered in the post-genocide era, but instead play their role to achieve more.

This call was made on Saturday during a cadreship programme for RPF Young Professionals in public and private sector which was held at the party headquarters in Rusororo.

The cadreship training was attended by over 200 young professionals from the City of Kigali and neighboring districts.

During the training, the youth were tipped on the RPF ideology, one that it has embraced for the past 30 years of its existence.

To be able to become good torchbearers, the youth were urged to embrace a high level of commitment and discipline in addition to understanding the current challenges facing Africa and the role of youth can play to shape a better future.

Addressing the young cadres, Abdallah Utumatwishima, the RPF Commissioner in charge of Youth Affairs said that it is imperative for the young RPF to look back to the sacrifices made by the founding members draw comparisons and see how best they can take on the mantle of leadership to drive the country to the envisioned development pathway.

“Our founding members— majority of whom were very young at that time—fought went to the frontline and fought a liberation struggle and went on to lead the country to where it is today. The current struggle Rwanda faces now is to sustain those gains and ensure that our citizens are more unite, peaceful and prosperous. There is no one to do that but we the young people,” Utumatwishima.

He noted that the National Strategy for Transformation, RPF’s manifesto for the next seven years and the broader Vision 2050 require dedicated and patriotic professionals.

 “There is no reason why RPF youth can’t be at the forefront of leading this transformation. There is no time for complacency. True, a lot has been achieved in the last 24 years but it is not even a third of how far we can go as country.” Utumatwishima added.

Theogne Karinamaryo, one of the senior RPF cadres told the youth that the RPF’s vision is to have an inclusive, civilized and prosperous country that would in one way or another inspire African transformation—and the Rwandan youth have a “big role” to play, he said.

“Our values as RPF members should lead us to a more prosperous and inclusive country that would in the long run challenge our neighbouring African countries to build lasting peace and prosperity. This calls for the youth who are with Pan-African spirit, patriotic, united and dedicated to service,” Karinamaryo said.

Meanwhile, on the margins of youth cadreship training was the RPF Social affairs cluster meeting which met to deliberate on how to improve social welfare of citizens, quality of education and issues facing Rwandan culture.


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