Chinese think tank meets senior RPF cadres

Members of the think tank attached to the Chinese University of Foreign Affairs on Friday met senior Cadres of the RPF Inkotanyi during which the two delegations discussed different topics of mutual interest between Rwanda and China.

The delegation that was led by Prof. Sun Jisheng was at the RPF Headquarters to learn about Rwanda’s socio-economic development under the leadership of the RPF Inkotanyi, the ruling party.

During which the visiting delegation said appreciated Rwanda’s adoption of homegrown solutions to confront some of the major challenges the country has faced and which has greatly been successful on many fronts.

They drew comparison of Rwanda’s homegrown solutions to the Chinese political philosophy that marries socialism with Chinese special characteristics with both delegations acknowledging that the one-size-fit-all approach does not work.

In his presentation, Prof. Anastase Shyaka highlighted that the challenges Rwanda faced post-Genocide required an extraordinary approach to ensure the country not only recovers, but also moves beyond and have a prosperous population.

On the style of democracy that Rwanda has chosen, Shyaka said that the country departed from the prescriptive confrontational approach to democracy and instead chose a consensual approach to democracy, which has galvanized the population towards collectively working for the common good.

The Foreign Affairs University of China, which has been in existence for over 60 years, essentially trains future employees within the Chinese Foreign Service and it is one of the most respected academic institutions globally.

Following the meeting, the two delegations exchanged gifts.


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