RPF is an accountable party – Chairman

The RPF Chairman, President Paul Kagame has rallied residents of Gisagara District, and those from across the country, to overwhelmingly vote for RPF candidates come September 3.

He was addressing tens of thousands of residents of Gisagara and neighbouring areas who converged in Muganza Sector for an RPF rally in support of the 80 parliamentary candidates on the party list.

RPF is also campaigning with six allied political organisations.  

“RPF is about recognizing where we have fallen short because RPF is defined by accountability to citizens. We ask you to give us the privilege to lead you and the opportunity to deliver where we have fallen short,” he said.

Earlier in his speech, he had thanked residents of Gisagara for the mandate they gave him when they supported him last year during the Presidential elections.

“I thank you in advance for the support you will give to candidates of RPF to represent you in Parliament. The Chairman of RPF cannot lead alone. We need your representatives to be part of this leadership,” he said.

He stressed that basing on its track-record; RPF has proven itself as a guarantor for development saying that the party’s philosophy is grounded in unity with the citizens, which he said was “irreplaceable”.

The campaigns that started on August 13 will run up to September 1, just before the general election slated for September 3.


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