RPF wins 40 seats in parliament

RPF Inkotanyi has secured 40 seats in parliament following the elections held on Sunday (for Rwandans in the Diaspora) and Monday for those in the country, according to preliminary results released by the National Electoral Commission.

According to the results announced by the Chairperson of the electoral commission, Prof Kalisa Mbanda, RPF garnered at least 75 per cent of the vote which accounted for the 40 out of the 53 that were competed for through the general election.

“The polls were held in a peaceful atmosphere with no incident recorded,” declared Mbanda during a news briefing held at the commission’s headquarters in Kimihurura.

The elected legislators who will be drawn from the approved party list approved by the electoral commission in their order of appearance, also include members of parties that allied with RPF Inkotanyi during the campaigns.

Six parties campaigned with RPF Inkotanyi for the just-concluded elections.

Other parties that won seats in the new Parliament include PSD which won five seats, PL which won 4 and PS Imberakuri and the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, each getting two seats.

These legislators will be joined by others voted through an indirect ballot, which include 24 representing women, two representing the youth and one representing people with disability.

With the results available so far, Rwanda is likely to increase its women representation in parliament to 49 out of 80, accounting for over 67 per cent, a world record. 


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