Uphold discipline, RPF values; cadres from the creative industry told

The members of RPF-Inkotanyi drawn from the creative industry have been urged to embrace global trends but always be mindful of the Rwandan cultural values.

This call was made by RPF Commissioner Sheikh Abdul-Karim Harerimana to about 200 members of the party drawn from different trades of the creative industry, during a cadreship training session that was held on Sunday February 9, at the party headquarters in Rusororo Sector, Gasabo District.

Participants included musicians, writers, comedians, movie actors and fashion designers among others.

Other dignitaries who attended the training are Rose Mary Mbabazi, Minister for Youth and Culture and Edouard Bamporiki, State Minister in the Ministry for Youth and Culture among others.

The meeting is part of the series of cadreship sessions that have been imparted to party members from different sectors, aiming at ensuring all members are on the same page and properly understand their role in the country's transformation journey.

While officially opening this training, commissioner Harerimana noted that holding right values should be put into consideration by these cadres.

“At RPF there is this one value we hold dear, and that is discipline. In everything you do, you must have discipline and values of our culture,” he said, adding that: “Though it is good to learn from others, what we learn must be in line with our values.”

He continued to say that: “Our country is very dynamic, things are changing at a fast pace but irrespective of the change, we must stick to our values.”

A valuable industry

Harerimana also noted that RPF considers the creative industry as one of the pillars of the country’s development, pointing to the influence they wield among the population.

“The previous government did not value this industry and only turned to it to help them spread hate and divisionism. As RPF we value you as people who can play role in the country’s development as we see it in other countries,” he reiterated.

He added that: “You command a lot of influence in our community, especially the younger population. Make sure you influence them in a positive way and as RPF, we will always be here to help you in that regard.”

Antoinette Uwamahoro who has more than 20 years of experience in film acting and writing told The New Times that “This meeting is of essence because we are reminded of the right behaviors to possess as cadres,” she said.

Existing challenges

Uwamahoro explained that the creative industry is facing a lot of challenges among which include piracy.

“One of the main challenges we are facing is pirating of our work by people commonly known as ‘street DJs’. They buy a CD of our work, burn it and sell it cheaply without our permission. This means that our original CDs no longer get market because people go for the less priced,” she said.  

On this, Minister Mbabazi explained that they are aware of it and is working with other stakeholders to solve it.

“This is something that we are all aware of. We are working with other stakeholders to make sure that the policies in place are strengthened so that everyone caught in these acts will be held responsible,” she noted.

Other challenges mentioned by these artists include; insufficient funds and fewer infrastructure which still limit the productivity and development of this industry.

Mbabazi said that some of the raised problems are going to be solved soon with the partnership of artists, adding that others will be solved afterwards as means become available.


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