The Chairman of RPF Inkotanyi, President Paul Kagame has congratulated His Eminence Antoine Kambanda upon his appointment as the first cardinal in Rwanda.

Kambanda, who is currently the Archbishop of Kigali Catholic Diocese was elevated to the level of cardinal by Pope Francis last month.

The Chairman told Kambanda in a letter that the country was honoured for his recent appointment by the Pope.

"On my behalf and on behalf of all Rwandans, we wish you all the best in your new responsibilities as the first Cardinal in Rwanda," he said.

The title gave Kambanda another key, high level status in the Catholic Church which will see him take on the advisory role of the Pope.

"This title you have been conferred is a pride to you, and to the Catholic Church in Rwanda," the Chairman told the cleric.

"It is also valuable to the people of Rwanda and to the country," he added.

The Catholic prelate was elevated in rank two years after being ordained as the archbishop of Kigali.

That, the Head of State said that it is also a sign of the unmatched talent to accomplish the work of God.

"This is also a demonstration that the Catholic Church has built a legacy 120 years since it was introduced in Rwanda," he added.

The President highlighted that the Church continues to play a key role in the country's rebuilding journey, especially when it comes to reuniting and reconciling people.

"It has also continued to play a role as a critical partner a key partner of government to promote education, health, and people's welfare of Rwandans," he noted.



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