RPF Chairman: We are making our own choices

The RPF Chairman, President Paul Kagame has said that the people of Rwanda are making their choices and are ready to face their consequences.

He said this on Wednesday during his final rally of the 2017 Presidential campaigns that saw him traverse the country to all districts, twice in some, selling the manifesto by RPF Inkotanyi as his flagbearer in the elections due on Friday.

The final rally was held at an expansive field in Bumbogo Sector, Gasabo District, bringing together over half a million supporters.

“We are making our own choices. We will face their consequences the same way we faced and overcame the tragedy they caused,” the Chairman said.

To the critics, he said that they ask if without Kagame Rwanda would still have peace, “my question is did we have peace before Kagame?”

He queried: “How can you teach us democracy when you are contesting your own and blaming election fraud for what it has given you. We have surmounted many challenges and we will not waste any lessons.”

According to the Chairman, by now the critics should know that Rwandans are a people who do not get dictated to, people that choose their own path.

“Some call our clean cities the result of dictatorship. This shows the disdain they have for Africans. They believe Africans and Rwandans deserve to live in dirty cities. It is this mentality they apply to our politics,” he said.

The campaign season, which was largely characterized by celebrations of achievements under the leadership of RPF Inkotanyi, officially ended yesterday and the elections will be held Thursday for Rwandans living in the Diaspora, which those in the country will cast their ballot on Friday.


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