Chairman to Nyanza residents: I am here to begin with you a transformation journey

The RPF Inkotanyi Chairman, President Paul Kagame on Friday afternoon campaigned in Nyanza District, on his second leg of the campaign that he launched in Muhanga District, both in the Southern Province.

Addressing the over 150,000 residents that turned up for the rally, the Chairman, who is the flagbearer for the RPF in the presidential campaign, said that the time was now to move towards the next phase of the country’s transformation.

“I am here to begin the journey with you towards the next phase of our transformation…there is a saying that goes: If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. As RPF, we want to go fast and go far,” he said.

Chairman Kagame said that as a country, we want individuals to work fast. “But to get as far as we want, we must work together.”

“Today those who call our context undemocratic are their own proof of time they have wasted preaching democracy to others. What comes first in democracy is the will of the people and respecting the rights of every citizen.”

The Chairman noted that Rwandans do not need to be taught lessons of tolerance, adding that Rwandans passed that point long ago.

He said that despite the many battles won, Rwandans remain calm and not boastful.

“We win with humility, respect and tolerance for others who may think differently…those who want to criticize what is none of their business, are free to waste their time. We use our time to build our country.”


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