Rwanda, Egypt look to stronger ties

The President of Egypt, who on Tuesday began a two-day official visit to Rwanda has commended the Chairman of RPF Inkotanyi, President Paul Kagame saying he was a true statesman.

President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi was speaking at Urugwiro Village following his tete-a-tete with his host, President Kagame.

“I found a great statesman who is endeavouring with all his power to serve his people,” said President Sisi, congratulating him on his recent victory in Presidential elections.

To the people of Rwanda, he added: “You have brothers and sisters in Egypt who look up to you, respect you and stand ready to cooperate.”

The two leaders agreed to form a joint committee to explore avenues of cooperation between the two countries.

“I want to highlight the agreement between the Egyptian and Rwandan governments to take all necessary measures to facilitate and encourage the exchange of trade between the two countries and establish joint projects in the various economic sectors that will realize the interests of the brotherly nations,” President Sisi told reporters at Urugwiro Village.

The RPF Chairman, on his part, thanked the people of Egypt for their role towards the liberation of the African continent, welcoming Egyptians who want to explore opportunities in Rwanda.

“Egyptians do not need to apply for a visa to visit Rwanda.We hope to welcome even more tourists and businesspeople from Egypt,” he said.

The Chairman also hinted at the ongoing process to reform the way the African Union operates, which he has been tasked to lead, saying it will make the continent more independent.

“The ongoing work to make the AU more efficient is a continuation of efforts to build a united and truly independent continent,” he said.

President Al-Sisi concluded by extending invitation to President Kagame for State Visit to Egypt.

Meanwhile, earlier, President Sisi had visited Kigali Genocide Memorial, where he paid tribute to the over a million Rwandans killed in the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

"Today, we feel much sorrow as we remember the heroes and victims of the Genocide against the Tutsi. We emphasise that life is sacrosanct and that it should not be violated.

“We should live in harmony, support each other and focus on a dialogue of peace. We hope that mass atrocities like this will never happen again, and that peace will prevail around the world," he said in his tribute.


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