Vote for RPF to sustain transformation, Chairman tells Nyamagabe residents

The flagbearer for RPF Inkotanyi in the forthcoming presidential election, President Paul Kagame, on Sunday July 16 campaigned in Nyamagabe District where he urged them to vote for RPF for sustained transformation.

President Kagame, who is also the Chairman of RPF Inkotanyi was campaigning in Nyamagabe on his first stop of his third day on the campaign trail which he launched from the Southern Province on Friday.

“Voting RPF Inkotanyi means choosing transformation, security, economic growth, education and healthcare for your children,” he told Nyamagabe residents, who had also turned up in large numbers for the rally.

Speaking from Nyagisenyi Stadium in Nyamagabe, the Chairman noted that this campaign is about the dignity of the Rwandan people and a journey to define the future that Rwandans deserve.

“Voting RPF will ensure that prosperity. We have achieved a lot in terms of electricity rollout but much is yet to come. We want more households to have electricity,” he said.

Currently, 12 per cent of households in Nyamagabe have electricity and this is up from the just 2 per cent that had power seven years ago.

A lot of the power consumed in the district is generated from Rukarara I & II power plants were completed and now contribute 11.8 MW of electricity to the national grid.

Giving her testimony at the rally, Chantal Mukeshimana, who just a few years ago earned her living as a street cleaner, said that she seized opportunity ushered in by the RPF government by venturing into business, and currently has a commercial building worth Rwf15 million and several pieces of land.

“Just a few years ago, Nyamagabe was known as a bedrock of hunger and poverty in the country. This is history and we owe all this to the RPF leadership that ushered in inclusive development,” she said.


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