Vote RPF to sustain development – Chairman tells Gisagara residents

The RPF Chairman, President Paul Kagame on Saturday July 15 urged over 100,000 RPF supporters in Gisagara District to vote for RPF in the forthcoming presidential elections so he can continue to work with them to fast-track the country’s development.

This was his final day of Day Two of the Chairman’s campaign which was held at the district headquarters.

The RPF flag bearer invited his supporters to work with him towards the common goal of fast developing their country and further improving their lives.

“Nothing is possible without us working together. We will achieve what we want by combining our efforts.”

He pledged to bring the much-needed infrastructure to the district, including more electricity, better hospitals and schools, as well as developing local food processing industries to boost the area’s economy.

“For us 22 per cent of electricity connection (in Gisagara District) is not good enough. We want to achieve at least 90 per cent and more,” Kagame said drawing cheers from the the thousands of supporters.

He thanked all Rwandans who have been working with the RPF to develop the country, especially the eight political parties that have supported him in the on-going campaign.

“The process of building a new Rwanda over the last 23 years should continue with the RPF working with all Rwandans and other political parties that have chosen to work with the RPF. We are all aiming to achieve the same goals,” he said.

RPF’s manifesto in the on-going presidential campaigns has focused on the party’s plans to strengthen the economy, social welfare, and good governance as well as justice in the next seven years.


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