This campaign is about celebrating our gains – Chairman tells Huye residents

The RPF Chairman and presidential flag bearer, President Paul Kagame on Sunday July 16 told Huye residents that the Presidential campaign on which he embarked three days ago was celebration of work done by the RPF Inkotanyi.

He told Huye voters that his campaign is also about collectively working with the people to reflect on future plans that the party has to sustain the progress.

“What we are doing today is to celebrate what we have achieved and the plans we have for the future,” he said.

He appreciated that Rwanda is now a more unified country thanks to the RPF’s policies and that citizens are now ready to move steadily towards their much needed economic development.

“Rwandans went through history of divisions but today we are building our unity, security, and development that don’t leave anyone behind. We are advancing together and we won’t leave anyone behind,” he said.

Saying that Rwandans led by the RPF have reached very far, he said that what they need is to support the party and work together to reach farther in development.

“People who work together reach far and that’s our wish and need. God didn’t create us so we can be poor. If others have reached far in development you think it’s that they are more favoured by God than us? Obviously not but it is bad policies that keep us in poverty,” he said, promising even better policies under his leadership.

He urged all voters not to miss a chance to vote for him, urging them to celebrate but also remember that there is a vote to be cast, to ensure the country remains on course towards prosperity.

“The opportunity is here. The important thing is to use it well. When you use the opportunity you have well, more opportunities show up because good things attract more good things,” he said.


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