We are together on this journey, RPF Chairman tells Kamonyi residents

The Chairman of the RPF Inkotanyi, made his final campaign rally of the day in Kamonyi District on Sunday afternoon.

In a rally that attracted tens of thousands in Rukomo Sector, the Chairman said he was encouraged by the thirst that Rwandans have continued to show in building their nation.

“We are together in this journey. You have me and I have you and together nothing can stand in our way,” he told RPF supporters amid jubilation.

He said that working together, there was no obstacle that was insurmountable and Rwandans will certainly get where they want and deserve to be.

He said that even the fiercest critic would never break the Rwandan spirit stressing; “They dug a hole for us, they buried us in it. They didn't know we were seeds.”

He elaborated saying that Rwandans did not stay buried, but instead grew stronger.

He added: “We have proven to those who left us for dead that we were seeds that can only grow stronger and build a better life.”

He said that he has no doubt whatsoever that every Rwandan is capable, calling for the amalgamation of these capabilities to move the country forward.

“We have had a tragic past but the outcome was the strength and determination to transform our country and be where we are today,” he said, reminding Kamonyi residents to turn up in big numbers to vote come August 4th.

Kamonyi was the last stop of the three rallies that the Chairman addressed in the Southern Province on Sunday, having started the day with Nyamagabe, before he proceeded to Huye District.

The Chairman will take a break on the trail on Monday, before resuming Tuesday.


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