RPF Chairman campaigns in Muhanga, calls for collective effort towards development

The Chairman of the RPF Inkotanyi on Tuesday campaigned in Muhanga District, which was the last district in the Southern Province to be toured by the president during campaigns that started on July 14.

During his address to tens of thousands of supporters at Muhanga Regional Stadium, the Chairman said that development in all aspects must be achieved as a matter of urgency.

“Voting is the easy part, the hard work is what is ahead to continue delivering the best we can to every Rwandan,” he said thanking the residents for turning up in large numbers to attend his rally.

“I am positive that the way you have turned up in big numbers will be the same case on August 4 when you turn up on your respective polling stations to vote.”

He said that voting for the RPF candidate would guarantee security, growth in volumes of trade with regional countries, increased access to electricity and quality education among others.

Muhanga district has a population of over 319, 000, 47.9 per cent of them male and 52.1 per cent (166, 358) are female.

78.5% of the population depends on agriculture, 7.3% on trade, and 1-2% on construction, transport and communication, industry and mining.

The district generated 959 Million francs in local tax revenues this year as of June 2017. 

In the past seven years, the cows provided under the RPF-championed initiative Girinka, 9700 cows distributed were distributed in Muhanga, nearly tenfold the from 1900 that had been distributed by 2010.

Currently, electricity access in the district is at 23.1 per cent of households are connected to the national grid. There is 28.15 km of street lighting, up from 5km in 2010.


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