Voting RPF means choosing a determined nation; Chairman tells Ngororero residents

On the fifth day after the launch of the campaigns ahead of the presidential elections slated for August 3 and 4, the RPF Chairman, President Paul Kagame held his campaign rally in Ngororero District in the Western Province.

Ngororero is the first district in the Western Province where the Chairman has held a rally since the campaigns started last week.

“As we congregate here today, we are committing to walk the talk and to achieving our common goal,” he told Ngororero residents.

He told them that RPF Inkotanyi gave them a candidate they already knew and had endorsed in December 2015, adding that all they will do on August 4 is completing what they had already started.

“We will achieve our goals if we keep working together towards the same goal, irrespective of our differences…voting RPF means continuing the transformation journey, education, healthcare, agriculture, technology that change lives,” he said.

He said that what has so far been achieved is just an indication of how far the country can go if they keep the RPF Inkotanyi in power. Let us work together to develop our nation because there is a lot of good things to be achieved.

During the event, Laurence Mujawayezu gave a moving testimony of how under the leadership of RPF Inkotanyi, she was able to reintegrate, having been a militia working with the FDLR insurgents operating in the DR Congo.


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