RPF Chairman: Nyabugogo is a reflection of the Rwanda we want

The RPF Chairman and flag bearer, President Paul Kagame on Wednesday made a stop at Nyabugogo business hub in Kigali, where he addressed thousands of supporters.

Speaking at the event, he said that Nyabugogo in a reflection of the kind of country the RPF led government want to be, one that embraces diversity of cultures, especially from the region.

“Nyabugogo is home to traders from across East Africa. The booming business here is what we want to continue building… it is a reflection of the kind of country we want to be; open to business with our neighbours,” he said.

The rally in Nyabugogo was staged at the newly expanded City Centre-Nyabugogo Road.

He said that the wish and plan by his government is to transform the face of Nyabugogo – which is the gateway to the country’s North, West and Southern regions – to increase economic prosperity.

He gave the reason why he decided to make a stop in Nyabugogo before proceeding to pre-arranged campaign venues of the day, which is Bugesera and Kicukiro districts, respectively.

“I always pass here headed for other parts of the country and you always line up the streets to greet me, today I decided to make this stop to greet you in reciprocity,” he said.

The Chairman is expected to still campaign in Nyarugenge District on Thursday, despite the stop in Nyabugogo, which falls in the same district.


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