Gikondo Sector RPF members celebrate achievements

Members of the RPF Inkotanyi in Gikondo Sector, Kicukiro District on Saturday held a General Assembly, during which they were encouraged to build on what they have achieved so far to transform the lives of the people in the sector.

During the assembly that was graced by the RPF Chairperson in Kicukiro District, Dr Jeanne Nyirahabimana, Gikondo Sector was specifically recognized for their outstanding performance in leading the way in subscription to community-based insurance policy, Mutuelle de Sante, which led to Kicukiro becoming the top performer in terms of subscription countrywide.

The function also saw 62 new members of the RPF in Gikondo Sector sworn in and these were appreciated by Dr Nyirahabimana, who encouraged them to work tirelessly for the party saying that they made the right choice for a political organization.

She told them to uphold discipline and always serve as an example to the people in their respective communities.

Dr Nyirahabimana, who is also the mayor of Kicukiro, challenged members in Gikondo Sector to vehemently support and champion the implementation of the different policies initiated at the national level, saying that this is one way of supporting the RPF Chairman, President Paul Kagame.

The event also featured a discussion on the ideology of the RPF and it was generally agreed that the achievements so far are derived from the hard work and selflessness of members of the party.

Three cells in Gikondo were also recognized for outstanding performance in various indicators, and urged to keep up the hardworking spirit.


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