RPF politics is about transformation, Chairman tells Rulindo residents

The Chairman of RPF Inkotanyi on Thursday made his first campaign stop in Rulindo District in the Northern Province where he addressed a mammoth crowd of close to 200,000 supporters who gathered in Gasiza Cell, Bushoki Sector.

The district that was in the late 1990s a bedrock for instability caused by the infiltrators (abacengezi), has thrived to become a major food basket not only for the capital Kigali, but also other parts of the country.

“RPF politics is not about dividing and destroying. It is about transformation and rebuilding,” he told Rulindo residents, urging them to make good their promise of voting for the RPF candidate by 100 per cent.

“For me I am ready to work with you; my trust in you is at 100 per cent so let us vote wisely and also use the same zeal together to work hard and transform our country,” he said.


He added that a lot has been achieved in the country over the past two decades but then there was much room to do better.

“Let us continue building a country in which our children with thrive, with opportunity.”

Before he took the stage, Dr. Vincent Biruta, the President of PSD, one of the political parties that endorsed the RPF candidate, said that consensual politics that was ushered in by the RPF Inkotanyi is responsible for the transformation the country has undergone.

“Our working relationship with RPF Inkotanyi dates back over 25 years and I should say it is a healthy one. Consensus is what has brought our country where it is today and that is why we are here today campaigning for the RPF candidate because we believe it is in the best interest of our country,” he said.


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