RPF social cluster assess implementation of manifesto

The social cluster of the RPF Inkotanyi on Saturday met to assess the progress in implementing the manifesto that was presented to the electorate by the RPF Chairman, President Paul Kagame during the campaigns in 2010.

The social cluster brings together three commissions; the commission of social affairs, the one on education and the commission for education.

All the commissioners heading the three commissions attended the meeting that took place at La Pallisse Nyandungu.

Besides the commissioners, the meeting attracted several members of the social services commissions in districts, provincial and at national level.

Dr Jean Nepo Sindikubwabo, the Commissioner for Education who presented the progress report said that the implementation is currently at 80 per cent, saying that despite the fact that this is impressive, there was need to even work harder.

The manifesto is expected to be delivered in full by 2017 after the seven-year term of the Chairman comes to an end. 

Where we need to put in effort is insuring the implementation is done properly to ensure the social welfare of the people gets even better because this is what our Chairman promised the people. We must therefore deliver,” he said.

According to Hon Specioze Mukandutiye, the Commissioner for social affairs said that despite the progress, issues like school dropout, hitches in the community-based health insurance among others, need to be given more attention.

Other issues that were also discussed included the mainstreaming of culture in national development, saying that this is an area that has not been fully exploited.

During the meeting, Julienne Uwacu, the Minister of Sports and Culture, gave a presentation on how best culture can be mainstreamed in the development of the country, and told members present that with development, cultures alien to Rwanda are likely to find their way to the country.

“It is therefore our duty all us to ensure that we get the best from these foreign cultures but it is important that we do not shun our own culture because the core virtues that define us are very useful values that you will never see anywhere else,” she said.

 This was stressed by Commissioner for Sports and Culture, Sheikh Abdoul-Kareem Harerimana.

The meeting resolved to make sure that the question of school dropout – which recently got the attention of the Chairman – is dealt with as soon as possible to ensure all Rwandan children attend school.  



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