RPF Secretary General visits China


The Secretary General of the RPF Inkotanyi, Francois Ngarambe, from July 5 led a delegation of party officials for a working visit to China at the invitation of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

During the visit, the Secretary General participated, as co-chair, in the opening of the Mount Fanjing Ecological Civilization and Buddhist Culture Forum, where he gave remarks.

The annually held forum was hosted in the municipality of Tongren in Guinzhou Province but was also held simultaneously in other municipalities of the same province.

Besides co-chairing the meeting, the Secretary General held talks with the mayors of Tongren and Guiyang municipalities and explored bilateral ties with view of benefitting Rwandan and Chinese people.

Besides the mayors, the SG met different officials with whom they discussed different mechanisms through which the welfare of the peoples of Rwanda and China can be advanced.

The SG took the opportunity to invite the CPC leaders to Rwanda, an invitation that they graciously accepted.

The RPF and the CPC enjoy a healthy relationship that has been existent for several years.


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