RPF members in Jabana Sector exhibit achievements

At least 5,000 members of the RPF Inkotanyi who are resident in Jabana Sector in Gasabo District on Sunday met at Kidashya grounds in a general assembly during which they exhibited the achievements under the RPF-led government.

The colorful event that was characterized by merry-making through the traditional get together (Ubusabane) also saw 210 new members of the RPF Inkotanyi sworn in to officially join the party.

As a way of celebrating what has been achieved, 15 cows were donated to the needy families as the RPF cadres pushed for collective development of the households within the sector.

The event was also attended by the Vice President of the Senate Jeanne d’Arc Gakuba, who gave a presentation on the history and values of the party.

She told the members to always be characterized by the values on which the RPF is built, which she said will help the party deliver its mandate to the people.

Hon Gakuba called for hard work among the members of the party in Jabana, urging them to always look out for those that are vulnerable to offer the needed assistance.

Speaking on behalf the RPF members in Jabana Sector, the Chairman at the sector level Theodore Dusinginzimana said they would double their effort in all they do to ensure the development of the sector.

The event also featured games where the different football teams representing their respective cells within the sector.



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