Nyagatare is a symbol of our unity – RPF Chairman

The RPF Chairman, President Paul Kagame has said that Nyagatare District is a symbol of national unity and diversity ushered in by the RPF Inkotanyi after the Genocide against the Tutsi.

He was speaking on Saturday at his first rally in the Eastern Province, which was held in Gatunda Sector in Nyagatare District, as he continue his nationwide campaigns as the flag bearer for RPF Inkotanyi in the forthcoming presidential elections.
“Nyagatare is a symbol of unity and diversity. It's probably the only district whose residents came from other parts of the country,” he said.
Before the liberation of the country in 1994, three-quarters of Nyagatare was part of the Akagera National Park and the government of national unity decided to re-demarcate the park to ensure a better habitat for the animals and also find space for people.
During the rally, President Kagame called upon Nyagatare residents in particular and Rwandans in general to work hard to ensure we bequeath to our children a country that is developed, secure and united.

Speaking about the unique history of Gatunda where he campaigned, he said that this was an area with a special attachment to the liberation struggle of 1990-1994.

“We lived here in Gatundu, we fought had from here, we won. After we won, we embarked on rebuilding this region and we are not done yet,” said the Chairman.

He hailed the continued partnership with other political organisations that had joined RPF Inkotanyi supporters for the rally, just like on other rallies, saying that nothing beats a unity of purpose.


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