Kagarama Sector RPF general assembly attracts 1,500 members

A General Assembly for RPF members convened on Sunday attracting 1,500 and among the key highlights was to take stock of the achievements registered over the past year, and lay strategies for the year ahead.

The event was attended by among others Senator Chrysologue Karangwa, who is also a senior member of the RPF Inkotanyi, whose message to the participants centred on discipline, as the main catalyst for the party to achieve its development aspirations. 

 “We have achieved a lot but the journey is still long. Conduct and way of acting among members matter. We won’t achieve our aspiration unless we improve our conducts. It’s good to mention commendable work that the party has done and is still doing but it’s also worthy to look at challenges that intercept us and sort out ways to overcome them,” he said.

Karangwa who stressed that some members allocate little time for the party activities, which he said derails it from achieving its goals, saying that if the RPF Inkotanyi is to achieve its mission of transforming the lives of the Rwandan people, it was prudent for everyone to be on board.

“Some members only show up when electing or being elected and only attend major assemblies.  For them, attending meetings at village level doesn’t concern them. They only wait for provincial or national congress.

You cannot build a house and from above. No matter how robust the roof may be, the house is fragile. Our party must be strong from the grassroots,” he added.

He deplored the fact that most officials that have been accused of embezzlement in government programs such as Girinka and VUP ‘are our members’.

“There is need to improve our conducts for us to deliver what we promised to do for Rwandans.

The best way to get more people on board is to change conduct and be exemplary to them. Let’s inspire people in what we do. If we talk about fighting corruption, we should start from within ourselves. The party has put in place all facilitations for members to behave exemplarily,” he said.

Selemani Ntawuyirugira, RPF chairman in Kagarama sector presented the party’s achievements

in justice, good governance, economic development, social welfare in the last year.

He said that the party is going to reinforce participation at village and cell level as well as intensify mobilization to increase members.

“Every member should partake in this. The leadership of the party can’t achieve without everyone’s involvement,” he said.

During the event, six cows were given to outstanding teachers and other citizens while 3 people were given seed capital of Rwf 100,000 under “kuremera” programme.

151 new members were sworn in.


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