Mukaruliza is the new RPF Chairperson in City of Kigali


A general assembly for members of RPF Inkotanyi from Kigali on Saturday elected Commissioner Monique Mukaruliza as the new chairperson of the party in the City of Kigali, replacing Fidele Ndayisaba.

During the assembly held at the University of Rwanda College of Business and Economics in Gikondo, Mukaruliza polled 381 votes which earned her victory against her sole challenger, Alexis Kanyankole, who got 26 votes.

Mukaruliza is also the Mayor, City of Kigali.

Upon her election, Mukaruliza vowed to work on strengthening further of the RPF Inkotanyi structures right from the grassroots to the national level.

“We want to have a strong party, one that works to take forward the country as the chairman Paul Kagame always emphasizes,” she said adding that she will support the national development programmes as well as giving value to all Rwandans,” she said. 

She said the new responsibility will compliment what she does as the city mayor, and is confident of doing both efficiently with the help of other party members.

“I am not afraid of these additional responsibilities because we work as a team. I am confident of the team’s efforts. If you see the work that I am responsible for in the City of Kigali and compare it with my new responsibility as Kigali City RPF chairperson, you find that they are similar,” she said.

The outgoing chairperson, Ndayisaba said that his successor should build on what was in place before so that the party is more established in the city.

“It is clear the city is developing and many problems may come up needing solutions and it will need her to be innovative. She should work together with fellow members to get timely solutions so that our city remains at the front of cities that are developing,” he said.

He added that almost all the promises made by RPF this year have been achieved citing the example of new developments in the city that have led to improved livelihoods of people in Kigali. Among others, he highlighted the new road constructions, security and a clean city.

“The main aim of RPF is to improve the livelihoods of the people because RPF is centred on the lives of Rwandans,” he said.

The other leaders who were elected are Blaise Uhahagaze for welfare and Justine Imananimwe for women affairs.


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