Chairman: Rwanda will never be subordinate to France’s interests

The Chairman of the RPF Inkotanyi, President Paul Kagame has said that under no circumstance that Rwanda will ever be subordinate to France or to France’s interests.

The Chairman was reacting to reports that France was planning to start all over again, the probe in the shooting down of the plane in which Juvenal Habyarimana was killed in April of 1994.

Under the illusion that the RPF Inkotanyi could have had a role in the shooting down of the plane – regardless of all other previous reports that stated otherwise – the French sent a probe team that for two years worked in and outside the country which turned up nothing, because there wasn’t anything in the first place.

“First, it means that I have to remind some people that this Rwanda, the judicial system of Rwanda, is not subordinate to France or to France’s interests,” said the Chairman, during the commencement of the Judicial Year on Monday.

“What I am saying is that it is France that should be in the dock being tried. Not anybody in Rwanda and not Rwandans.”

He said that France being a superpower should not in any way be an issue of concern to Rwandans, saying that there was nothing to worry about and the case would be sorted out in one way or another.

“Again, don’t worry. Leave it to me; we will handle it. It’s not going to cost us much. When you are right, when it is your right, it’s never going to be costly to do the right thing. So it will not cost us much. We will deal with it,” he assured Rwandans.

Previously, separate in-depth investigations by independent Rwandan and French judges have both previously concluded that the plane was shot down by Habyarimana’s elite brigade that was located within Kanombe Military Barracks.

These findings included forensic evidence that included ballistics that concluded that given where the RPF troops were located, it was impossible for them to have carried out the shooting.


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