Kicukiro RPF members request Chairman to stand for President

Members of the RPF Inkotanyi in Kicukiro District met at the weekend met to gather views on what should be part of the manifesto of the RPF candidate during the presidential elections slated for next year.

The manifesto, is supposed to cover seven years of a presidential term (2017-24).

During the general assembly that attracted cadres right from the village level, the members overwhelmingly put on record their wish to have the Chairman, President Paul Kagame stand in the polls slated for next year.

The request by members of RPF Inkotanyi in Kicukiro echoes similar calls by Rwandans both within and out of the country, on President Kagame to stand again, now that he is not inhibited by law to stand.

They draw the calls from the resounding success the country has registered over the past few years and, most especially, want his continued leadership to ensure he steers Rwandans to prosperity.

In the meeting that was presided over by the RPF Chairman in the district, Dr. Jeanne Nyirahabimana, members said that in the coming term, focus must be put on ensuring people are financially empowered, to reduce on the number of those that depend on relief by government and other partners.

They also called for improved systems to ensure continued commercialization of agriculture, especially in the rural parts of the district among others.


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