2017-2024 manifesto views: Gasabo RPF members want MAJ services at sector level

Members of RPF Inkotanyi in Gasabo District have called for further decentralization of judicial assistance by taking the services of MAJ offices to the sector level. 

MAJ (Maison d’Access a la Justice) are currently stationed at the district level and they consist of lawyers who are at hand to offer legal services to citizens, especially those that cannot afford them.

During the presentation of findings by a commission that was tasked to collect views from the grassroots on what should be included in the manifesto to be presented by the RPF candidate during the presidential campaigns (2017-24), members requested for the deepening of judicial services to ensure no one is left behind.

The General Assembly for Gasabo District had instituted a taskforce headed by Prof Cyprien Niyomugabo to gather views on the manifesto, views that were sought along the four pillars of good governance, judicial sector, economic development and social welfare.

Under the governance cluster, the people of Gasabo called for sustained empowerment of grassroots structures and ensuring good service delivery to the people among other key elements.

“Under the judicial sector, the different views we got from the people right from the village level called for the further decentralization of MAJ services, to ensure more Rwandans get to benefit from them,” Niyomugabo told the General assembly.

Meanwhile under the economic development, the people called for a structured framework that will facilitate the scaling up of small and medium industries especially with an aim of boosting the agriculture value chain.

This they said will be in line with empowering the sector that currently employs the biggest percentage of the population.

“They also said that the 2017-24 manifesto should emphasise more on creating more off farm jobs and scaling up of infrastructure services, especially by availing utilities like water and electricity to more Rwandans and at an affordable price,” he said.

In the social closure, they among others asked for sustainable measures to put an end to school dropout and also focus more on providing a better education environment for children with special needs, among other proposals.

These proposals will continue to be gathered from different districts and they will be consolidated in a one document the chosen candidate for the RPF Inkotanyi to present to the electorate during the campaigns ahead of next year’s presidential election. 


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