RPF Chairman campaigns in Kirehe District

The Chairman of the RPF Inkotanyi, President Paul Kagame, on Sunday continued with his campaign trail in the Eastern Province, with the first stop of the day being Kirehe District.

During his speech there, he said that the country’s security, development and women empowerment for which Rwanda has won global accolades, should not be taken lightly, but rather everyone must play a role in staying the course.

“All we strive for is to ensure inclusive development…to ensure you embark on activities that can help you and your families prosper,” the Chairman told the over 100,000 residents of Kirehe.

He said that the way they turned up in large numbers for the rally should characterize their participation in other development activities which he pledged his leadership, if elected, will continue to champion.

The Chairman thanked the people of Kirehe for their hospitality, specifically thanking them for being hospitable to the thousands of people who a few years ago were expelled from neighbouring Tanzania after they were said to be Rwandans.

In his testimony, Jean de Dieu Munyankindi said that he grew to become a successful entrepreneur despite having initially lived in shame owing to his close relatives’ participation in the Genocide against the Tutsi.

“I now count myself as a successful entrepreneur despite my historical background and all this I owe to our leadership that give equal opportunity to every citizen,” he said.

After Kirehe, the President headed to Ngoma before he concluded his Eastern Province tour with Rwamagana District.


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