Chairman campaigns in Rwamagana, says people are most important foundation of Rwanda progress

The Chairman of RPF Inkotanyi, President Paul Kagame on Sunday evening concluded his tour of the Eastern Province after campaigning in all the seven districts that make up the province.

The final rally of the province was held in Rwamagana District, where he took time thank the residents here of fighting hard to uproot malnutrition.
“We want to make the kind of progress that will make Rwanda unrecognizable to those who
define us by our tragic history…the future we are building is the future
Rwandans deserve,” he said.

According to the Chairman, everyone has a role to play in the transformation of the country, be it the youth, the women and elderly
“People are the most important foundation of our progress. We value all people equally: men and women, young and old,” he said.
Addressing the rally before the Chairman spoke, Agnes Mukabaranga, the chairperson of PDC party thanked him for commanding the force that not only extracted them from the jaws of the genocidal forces, but also heading a government that did away with all sorts of marginalization they suffered at the hands of the previous regimes.

“Some of you might not know but we were a marginalized region. For example, someone from Rwamagana was not allowed to pursue certain disciplines in school. This has been made history under the RPF Inkotanyi leadership,” Mukabaranga, who hails from Rwamagana told the rally.
She said that the RPF Chairman is the only person that deserves to lead the country for he has been tested and that there are no doubts whatsoever over his promise to transform the country.


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