We have reclaimed our identity – Chairman

The RPF Inkotanyi Chairman President Paul Kagame has said that over the past few years, Rwandans have managed to reclaim the identity that had been taken away from them for decades.

He was campaigning in Karongi District in Western Province, where he his second and last rally of the day in the ongoing presidential campaigns ahead of the elections slated on August 3 and 4.

We have our destiny in our hands. This was not the case a few years back, when nationals were meant to believe that the country was not theirs, he said.

“This narrative that Rwanda did not belong to Rwandans was promoted by colonialists. It’s not many years ago that Rwandans got their country back,” he told the tens of thousands.


He said that those that had been meddling in Rwandan affairs are the same people that had taken the country away from their respective owners, adding that today, Rwandans know and are ready to protect what is rightfully theirs.


“Those who interfere with us have tried and fail. We are still determined to fight back if they try again,” he said to the applause of supporters.

Some people even wanted to impose on us their democracy while we have our own that fits us, he added.

He reassured the Rwandan people that the leaders of the country are at the service of all Rwandans. “We are a people we deserve to be.”


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