RPF Chairman: together, we will transform Nyamasheke

The Chairman of RPF Inkotanyi, President Paul Kagame on Saturday held his final rally of Western Province in Nyamasheke District, an event that brought together over 100,000 supporters.

The rally was held at St. Joseph grounds in Kigabiro.

During his address, he promised to continue transforming the district, by mainly leveraging the tourism potential the district is endowed with.

“We will invest in Nyamasheke tourism potential to create more opportunities for you all,” he said, attracting cheers from the crowd.

He said that with the achievements registered over the past 23 years, the rest of the journey will be smooth.

“Let’s build security, unity, and development of Rwandans and ensure that their rights are promoted so they can work together and partner with other countries to develop themselves,” he said.

He also took time to expound on the choices that the Rwandan people have made especially in the way they want to be governed.

“Democracy is when we may differ on ways to go about  building our country but still work together,one of the many benefits of unity and working together is that together there is no fight we cannot win.”

Regarding the August 4 Presidential election, the Chairman affirmed that this the opportunity for Rwandans to choose the kind of leadership they want.

With Southern, Eastern and Western provinces done, the Chairman will take a break on trail on Sunday before he proceeds to the three remaining districts in Northern Province - Burera, Gakenke and Gicumbi.

The campaigns are expected to end with Gasabo District before the elections that will be held on August 3 (Rwandans in Diaspora) and 4 for those in the country.


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