Chairman: Let us continue to stand up for our dignity

The Chairman of RPF Inkotanyi, President Paul Kagame on Tuesday held two rallies in Gicumbi District, events which brought together a total of about 300,000 supporters.


The rallies were held respectively in Cyumba and Rutare in Gicumbi district, Northern Province.


During his address, the Chairman called on residents to continue standing up for national dignity, improved livelihoods and the country.


He said that this would be the best way to ensure that those who died in the liberation struggle did not give their lives in vain.


“Those who sacrificed their lives did not die in vain. Those who had sleepless nights and went without food did not do it to be told how we should live our lives,” he told hundreds of thousands.


“How can you tell me how to live when it is you I fought to regain my livelihood? What RPF has fought for, lost people for, we cannot let it go to waste. Do not accept to be dictated to with useless lessons. Let us continue to stand up for our dignity, our livelihood, our country” the chairman added.


He noted that it was the reason why his government had for 23 years served tirelessly to make gains in security and infrastructure among other areas of national development.


“We have achieved a lot but we still have a long way to go on this journey to transformation,” he said.


He said that the party’s aim and goal is to ensure that Rwanda does not take the narrative of countries that continue to be dependent on charity for provision of livelihoods.


“We are not looking for people to feed us, we are looking to make our own living and feed ourselves. For too long, Africa has been seen as deserving of charity and not prosperity   and self-reliance,” the Chairman said.


The Chairman will Tuesday hold his final rally in Bumbogo, Gasabo District, ahead of the elections that will be held on August 3 for those living in the Diaspora while in the country polls will be held on Friday August 4.


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