RPF-Inkotanyi cadres elect new National Executive Committee

President Paul Kagame has been re-elected the RPF-Inkotanyi Chairman for the next five years. He was elected during the 16 national congress of the ruling party which took place at the party’s headquarters in Rusororo, on Sunday, April 2.


Chairman Kagame was seconded as candidate by Senator Marie-Rose Mureshyankwano, who said the former has proven himself as a selfless leader who has already delivered positive results to the party.


He was running against RPF Commissioner and senior cadre Abdul Karim Harerimana, who announced his own candidacy, saying he had spent enough time with the former during his chairmanship, and would deliver about as much.


Out of 2,102 voters, the Chairman, who is also the President of the Republic was elected by 2,099 people, while Harerimana was elected by only three.


The elections saw the party get the first ever woman Vice President in the 35 years of existence when Consolee Uwimana, endorsed by party elder Tito Rutaremara, was elected by 1,945 people.


Uwimana is the first woman to be elected as the party's number two.


The party also elected a new Secretary General, Wellars Gasamagera, who was voted for by 1,899 people.


A former senator, Uwimana replaced Christophe Bazivamo while Gasamagera replaced François Ngarambe. 


The cadres also elected 25 commissioners, among which 10 who were elected from candidates that were seconded to the congress by the RPF Youth League.



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