Over 700 RPF cadres in Europe converge in Cologne

Over 700 members of RPF Inkotanyi coming from different countries located on the European continent on September 27 converged in the German city of Cologne for a retreat in which they deliberated on their role in nation building.

The retreat also coincided with a one-day training for the youth who are mainly students pursuing their studies in different countries in Europe during which they were tipped on different ways they can contribute to their country’s development using the knowledge they have acquired.

Opening the retreat, Hon Wellars Gasamagera, the Secretary General of RPF-Inkotanyi who represented the party chairman, urged them to be good ambassadors of Rwanda, adding that their values should reflect the Rwandan image

“There is good participation of the youth in this retreat and I would like to thank the organisers for giving priority to the youth. I would say two things; they should be thinking of going back to their country and put to use the knowledge acquired here to build your country.”

He also challenged them to upon return not just stay in towns but also go down to the villages where he said their knowledge is needed most to transform lives.

He also urged them to help in sustaining the gains made by the post-genocide government and help the country achieve its aspirations.

Hon. Gasamagera also used the opportunity to remind party members in the diaspora to turn up massively next year during the presidential elections to ensure the election of the party candidate.

The party Chairman, H. E President Paul Kagame recently accepted to become a candidate in the forthcoming general elections.


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