Lead with distinction, SG Ngarambe tells senior cadres

The Secretary General of RPF-Inkotanyi, François Ngarambe, has urged senior cadres to uphold the ethos on which the party is built to be able to deliver on their mandate.

He said this while opening a one-day retreat that brought together top party cadres from the National Executive Committee, the disciplinary committee and the RPF Inkotanyi inspectorate, which took place at the party headquarters in Rusororo.

Reminding them of the party's guiding principles of Unity, Democracy and Development, Ngarambe said that the political orientation of the RPF-Inkotanyi is premised on the notion of leaving no Rwandan behind in the quest for development.

“We must strive to have a clear understanding of the problems at hand before coming up with the appropriate measures to address them,” the Secretary General told the party leaders.

He told them that the achievement registered by the RPF-Inkotanyi to date were made possible by three main principles; discipline, insatiable zeal to learn and hard work, which he urged them to uphold to realise the country’s development aspirations.

“Equally, we have an obligation of consolidating the achievements registered, build on them to get the country where it wants and should be,” he added, reminding the cadres to lead with distinction in their respective constituencies.

The retreat featured two topical discussions: one on RPF and it's ideology which was given by Hon. Denys Polisi and the second one on the RPF manifesto and government political programme given by Prof. Anastase Shyaka.


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