We must have a common vision – RPF Chairman tells NEC members

The Chairman of RPF-Inkotanyi, H.E President Paul Kagame has implored party members to always work towards the common vision, which is building a nation, irrespective of the differences they may have regarding the way they do things. 

He said this on Monday, September 28, while addressing members of the extended National Executive Committee (NEC) of RPF-Inkotanyi, which took place at the party headquarters in Rusororo, Gasabo District. 

The meeting attracted party representatives from the national to the grassroot level, and also had national leaders and representatives from special groups like the youth.

The Chairman told the members present that despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, life must go on, albeit with caution, such that the gains made in the fight against the virus are not reversed.

“Life has to continue. When a business person isn’t able to trade, or children are not going to school, it’s a problem,” he said.

He urged the party members to have a common vision, irrespective of people’s way of thinking, or even how they do things.

The vision, he said, is one of building a country.

People may differ in the way they think or do things but they should keep their eyes on the common vision, which is building the country, he said.

“For instance, we must fulfil our fiscal responsibilities. When you have conducted business, it is your duty to pay tax. We need the tax to build schools, roads etc. It is for the general interest, so whether you like or not, you must comply,” he said.

He reminded the participants of the country’s policy to open up to everyone, saying that Rwanda will never be full for anyone who wants to be part of the country’s development agenda.

He said that many foreigners continue asking to be naturalized as Rwandan citizens, something he said Rwandans should be proud of.

“I keep telling leaders, I hope they agree with me, whoever wants to be one of us should be given the opportunity, as long as they want to make a contribution towards building our country,” he said.


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