Fighting genocide and its ideology


After 1959, it became evident that some Rwandans were plotting the extermination of fellow Rwandans due to their Tutsi ethnicity.

At that time people were killed, homes were destroyed and people fled the country. This sequence continued through the years and came to a climax in 1994 when the country lost over one million people in the space of three months. The victims included people of the Tutsi ethnicity as well as those who did not agree with this plot.

Genocide perpetrators from Rwanda fled into other countries especially in the Great Lakes region where they spread the genocide ideology while committing it until the ideology was ingrained RPF-INKOTANYI is determined to fight against genocide ideology to prevent its reoccurrence anywhere else and will fight this ideology with all its strength whether in Rwanda, the Great Lakes region, or anywhere else in the world.

For this reason:

- RPF-INKOTANYI will fight with no reservation against any ideology that dehumanizes any person or people based on their ethnicity, culture, religion, place of origin etc.

- RPF-INKOTANYI will ensure that Rwanda establishes laws against all forms of segregation; genocide, genocide rejection and ensure their enforcement.

- RPF-INKOTANYI will ensure that all basic human rights are observed in Rwanda, most especially, the right to live.

- RPF-INKOTANYI will make sure that no leadership posts are acquired through segregation in any form.

- RPF-INKOTANYI will ensure that the people can identify with all levels of leadership and the security forces and feel that they are working for their benefit. More especially RPF-INKOTANYI will ensure that Rwanda’s security forces are sensitized against the evils of genocide and are ready to fight against it in Rwanda, the neighbouring region or anywhere else necessary.

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