International relations


All the international, political relations that Rwanda had since it joined the United Nations after independence were always tailored to please the former colonial masters of Africa in order to attract their aid. In most cases, the foreign aid was not sought for the benefit of the people.

RPF-INKOTANYI is determined to pursue political and trade relations between Rwanda and other nations that are focused on the development of Rwanda and its people and on mutual respect between the countries.

In order to achieve this:

- RPF-INKOTANYI will ensure that Rwanda pursues good political and trade relations with all countries more especially with the countries in the region and also to extend it’s relations to more developed countries

- RPF-INKOTANYI will ensure that the political and trade relations are based on mutual respect and aimed at promoting the development of the people.

- RPF-INKOTANYI will work to turn Rwanda into an international recognised country regarding conflict resolution around the world and realization of its Political Programme.

- RPF-INKOTANYI will ensure that Rwanda takes part in achieving Africa’s true independence and unity in order for it to be recognised as an equal in the global scene.

- RPF-INKOTANYI will ensure that Rwanda’s international policy will be strictly against genocide and all human rights violations wherever they may occur.

- RPF-INKOTANYI will ensure that Rwanda is internationally recognised and that the country’s problems and resolutions are known in order for the country to bear a good image.

- RPF-INKOTANYI will ensure that Rwanda collaborates with international development organizations like the African Development Bank, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and the European League etc.

- RPF-INKOTANYI will ensure that the country maintains a stable policy regarding the Rwandan Diaspora providing them with the means to contribute to Rwanda’s development and to represent the country wherever they are.

- RPF-INKOTANYI will cooperate with all other political parties that share the objective to fight inequality at all levels and promote progress of the public.

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