Eliminating all causes of refugee status


In the past, many Rwandans have been forced to flee the country due to bad governance or economic problems. This took place before, during, and after the colonial times.

However, the refugee crisis was exacerbated during the MDR-PARMEHUTU and MRND regimes because homes were destroyed and burnt, people were killed and others forced into exile due to their ethnicity or political affiliations. Some were forced into exile because they had been denied the right to an education, public employment, and security.

There was a time during the MRND regime when the leaders declared that Rwanda was too small, there was no room for the return of refugees and that they should remain in exile permanently.

Due to the bad governance, that the country endured over many years Rwanda became the country with the most refugees in the region.

The number of refugees increased greatly in 1994 because many genocide perpetrators were fleeing the country, taking hostages with them.

RPF-INKOTANYI believes that every Rwandan has the right to live in their own country at any time and the right to be defended by the country in absentia and that those rights must always be conserved For these reasons:

- RPF-INKOTANYI will strive to build good governance characterised by pursuing the interests of the people so that no Rwandan will ever be forced to flee his/her country due to bad governance.

- RPF-INKOTANYI will eliminate all causes for fleeing the country, more particularly causes for any Rwandan to feel insecure or be denied equal rights and opportunities as fellow Rwandans.

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