Fighting corruption

FIGHTING CORRUPTION, FAVOURITISM, EMBEZZELEMENT OF NATIONAL RESOURCES AND ANY OTHER FRAUDULENT PRACTICES Corruption, Favouritism, and embezzlement of national resources are some of the factors that have prevented the development of Africa hindering the realisation of true independence.

These factors are also responsible for the conflicts and wars in many of these countries.

The above practices also affected the economy, peace and unity of Rwanda since the time of independence and this discouraged the efforts of some Rwandans who were willing to rebuild the country after the 1994 genocide.

RPF-INKOTANYI is very determined to accomplish the following:

- Sensitization of the Rwandan public at all levels that national resources belong to all citizens in order for each Rwandan to feel responsible for the proper management of these resources and to know that failure to observe this responsibility is a crime against all fellow Rwandans.

- RPF-INKOTANYI will ensure that not all Rwandans feel the need to pay for their rights and that they fight against all those who demand bribes from them whether it is in the public or private sector.

- RPF-INKOTANYI will sensitize all Rwandans against corruption, giving and taking of bribes, favouritism, lack of transparency, nepotism, pursuing personal interests using a public office, embezzlement of national resources etc. so that all Rwandans may firmly resist these practices.

RPF-INKOTANYI will ensure the establishment of measures against these bad practices at all levels of government. It will also ensure the establishment of special anti-corruption departments as well as laws accompanied with penalties for all those who commit these crimes.

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