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For a long time, Rwanda was marked by bad governance based on dictatorship, segregation and exclusion of the people in the governance of their own country. Even though elections were held in Rwanda, they were never based on the positive ideas or competence of the candidates but rather on ethnicity, origin, religion and other issues from which the country benefited nothing. After the elections, the elected leaders did not concern themselves with the needs of people’s problems they were allegedly representing.

The RPF-INKOTANYI believes that true democracy is the best form of good governance ever conceived and practiced. This is why the RPF-INKOTANYI will strive to establish democratic governance in Rwanda. More particularly, the RPF-INKOTANYI:

- Will ensure that the country’s citizens represented by the government will actually participate in the country’s governance. They participate by voicing their ideas so that their problems may be solved, by electing their leaders, by implementing solutions to their problems and by removing these leaders whenever they are unable to carryout their obligations.

- Will strive to establish a country that abides by law and respects the rights of all inhabitants of Rwanda such that all will be equal before the law and will have equal opportunities. The RPF-INKOTANYI will promote the multi party system in Rwanda provided the basic human rights of all Rwandan people are observed.

- Believes that democracy and development cannot be achieved while there is gender inequality, which is why the RPF- INKOTANYI will strive to encourage gender equality and complementarity so that both genders may have equal participation, benefits and opportunity in building Rwanda.

In order to achieve all the above, the RPF- INKOTANYI will strive to establish various complementary government institutions (Legislative, Executive and Judiciary).

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