Sovereignty and security

DEFENDING THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE COUNTRY AND ENSURING THE SECURITY OF PEOPLE AND PROPERTY. The genocide left a considerable level of insecurity in Rwanda and the great lakes region. Within the country, some Rwandans had committed atrocities and would try to eliminate any potential witnesses. There were also some genocide survivors who would try to seek revenge upon those that killed their own.

In addition, because many Rwandans had already committed murder and looted during the genocide, they were left more predisposed to killing and plundering.

There is a significantnumber of Rwandans who fled the country after committing genocide atrocities, still maintain the ideology, and even have people who support their cause.

Furthermore, some Rwandans still do not recognize the evil of genocide are still ready to help its perpetrators.

All these things cause insecurity and pose threats to Rwanda’s sovereignty.

In order to resolve these problems, the RPF- INKOTANYI:

- Resolved to establish security forces with the motivation and ability to ensure the security of the Rwandan people and their property so that all Rwandans, wherever they may be and at all times, will feel safe and rely on these security forces that are ready to protect and defend them whenever necessary.

- Resolved to establish security forces characterised by discipline, love and respect for the people for whom the forced were formed. The RPF-INKOTANYI will also encourage the people to love and respect those forces.

- Encourages the people of Rwanda to participate in ensuring their own security and the security of their property such that all people in Rwanda will consider their neighbour’s security as their own

- Believes that all countries are sovereign and must be defended by its people. This is why the RPF-INKOTANYI will endeavour to ensure that Rwanda has an armed force of Rwandans that understands and is capable of defending the sovereignty of the nation.

- Will ensure that Rwanda has an armed force that understands that they exist for the people and are commanded by the leaders elected by the people. The armed forces must understand that they are obliged protect and obey the elected leaders.

- Will ensure that all Rwandans who are willing and able have the right to join the army whenever there are available openings

- Established an army that is characterized by discipline, love and respect for the Rwandan people and inspires the people to love their army.

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