RESTORATION OF UNITY AMONG RWANDANS The history of our nation shows that when the colonial masters arrived in Rwanda, they found a country with a united people who loved their country and fought for it together when attacked or attacking, with the right to live wherever they pleased, people with the same culture, religion and language all under the one accepted king and chiefs.

The colonial masters left a legacy of distrust, hatred and conflict until some Rwandans even accused of being foreigners and were exiled. Instead of attempting to restore unity among Rwandans, both regimes that governed Rwanda after its independence, MDR- PARMEHUTU and MRND, decided to carry on the segregation legacy until it resulted in the 1994 genocide.

The first objective of the RPF-INKOTANYI is to restore unity among Rwandans, so that all Rwandans may love their country and have equal opportunities and rights as any other Rwandan, so that all Rwandans may live in harmony again, complementing each other in ideas and activities.

In order to achieve this:

• The RPF-INKOTANYI will strive to achieve good governance that respects the human rights of all people offers qual opportunity to all Rwandans;

• The RPF-INKOTANYI will strive to build a law abiding country with an effective judicial system that fights against the injustice and impunity that was marked Rwanda, so that all Rwandans may be equal before the law;

• The RPF-INKOTANYI will endeavour to restore the Rwandan culture which deepens love for Rwanda and Rwandans, gentleness, moderation, integrity, respect and harmony;

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